Connie croppedConnie Clark

American actress/playwright/teacher Connie Clark has been performing and teaching as the brilliant 19th century American poet Emily Dickinson since 1981.  In 1987 she added the extraordinary French actress Sarah Bernhardt to her solo-performance repertoire.

Clark has performed as Dickinson and Bernhardt in the United States and in Europe, and in 1996 recorded 102 Dickinson poems, a cassette now is public and private libraries in the U.S., England and South America.

A sampling of past performances

Connie Clark may be contacted at clarkcon@aol.com


Stage Productions Performing Lectures Kindergarten-12th Grade
Emily - The life of Emily Dickinson Program Selections Emily Dickinson for K-12
Sarah - the life of Sarah Bernhardt Critical Response Sarah Bernhardt for K-12
Language Arts - one school

Colleges & Universities Audio Cassette
Performances and Residencies Emily Dickson - Selected Poems